The Archived Life..

Living in thirties, its safe to say teenage period can now be archived. And after going through my archives, all I could say is life can not be planned or rather should not be.

DAV Shyamili, Ranchi

My only pic from my senior secondary education at DAV JVM Shyamili, Ranchi.

shaurabh bharti profile photo for 12th exam. 2001
profile photo for 12th exam. 2001
This is the last school I attended but somehow I don't have any pics from here (have written to school if they keep any). On the day of class pic, I was not present (god knows why!). I hope they have photos of few awards I had received. The lady in the center is our English teacher, with a great accent. She was fond of me and later pursued me not to go on tours in order to focus on studies and preparation for IIT JEE. She did not mind my poor marks in English given I was scoring well in other subjects.

DAV Shyamili Section M, class pic, 2001
Section M, class pic, 2001

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Sonbarsha Khagaria

Appearing for matriculation, Jawahar navodaya vidyalaya sonbarsha ghat khagaria.

shaurabh bharti Profile pic for 10th, 1999
Profile pic for 10th, 1999

This pic, I guess, is at the time around matriculation. It was sunflower season and they looked so pretty in real (photo is not so colorful). They said snakes come around here and I was scared to go in.

shaurabh bharti Sunflower season, 1999
Sunflower season, 1999

My Class, Section B, at the time of matriculation. That's my brother in sunglasses. Somehow, but I have always stood second rank in acads. 2nd in primary school, 2nd in 10th, 2nd in 10+2.

jnv khagaria Class pic, Section B, 1999
Class pic, Section B, 1999

Saraswati Puja at school. I think this was first time we celebrated puja at school. I am not sure if it is still continued by later batches.

jnv khagaria Saraswati Puja, 1998
Saraswati Puja, 1998

TV was not allowed in school, except for news hours in the morning, afternoon and night. It was installed in mess and we would watch it while having meals. On Sundays, we would watch serials like Krishna. It used to play such beautiful flute that I got inspired to learn it. My on and off with flute continues even till now.

In the pic below, I am actually asking not to take my picture. My favorite shirt in school though: green, light, half sleeves, loose.

My favorite shirt, 1997


Our school was located next to dam of Koshi. My own home is also close to Ganga but living in southern higher plains we had never actually witnessed floods. Experiencing floods for first time was life changing. Life stagnates and you can't do practically anything. Fishes, which I had only seen at a distance in fish park, were everywhere. Crabs were a first for me. School was closed when water level rose to waist levels.

This picture is taken in 1997. The incident above is from 1996.

jnv khagaria Floods, 1997
Floods, 1997

It usually floods intensely alternate year. Situation was very bad in 1998. We had matric exams next year and water was everywhere during August/September. Being first batch of school (school opened with us) there was pressure of doing well but little in hand to do. School was closed finally but our batch stayed back (we were given option). We would go to classes and mess in boats, or sometimes in waist deep water. Fierce snakes had come inside rooms couple of times. Friends would fry crabs in lamp flame and have them as their snacks. Water had just reached the levels of our room. The only thing not drowned were our classrooms, mess and hostel rooms. For about a month water stayed in campus. 

Receding water was even worse to experience. Algae and weeds grow pretty quickly, specially in stagnated shallow water and they stink a lot while rotting. It never feels fresh air and it gives a sick feeling. Nevertheless, our studies did not stop in the floods. Teachers also stayed back in campus and worked hard with students for their success. 

My Favorite Teachers

Speaking of teachers, these were three wonderful teachers of my school. Dubey sir (in left chair) who taught us social studies and also kept our discipline in check. He was brilliant in his approach to teaching, like a story telling. Those days I used to scribble so fast as to match his oratory (one of reasons my hand writing stayed poor). He would call me "Guru ji", and tease me to teach him music and harmonium. 

Dubey Sir Sunita mam and Maths sir, 1998 jnv khagaria
Dubey Sir Sunita mam and Maths sir, 1998

Sunita mam (with baby), or biology mam, was another brilliant teacher. She got me interested in biology so much that my 1st optional subject in 10+2 was biology. That's another thing that I got it changed to economics very next week. She was from bhagalpur, close to my home and was active researcher at a college along with her husband, a scientist. Married, taking care of child, away from family, doing hard research, she was very inspiring. She was a very good singer too, and would give great tips to me about singing.

Our maths teacher (behind biology mam) came late to our school (perhaps 9th class). He would always inspire us to do well in studies and exams. A no-nonsense person and a gentleman.

Heera Sir

The first person below, is our music teacher, Heera sir. I still remember the first time he came to our school. We were excited to have a music sir. After PT, he assembled us and asked about our interests in music. "Instruments, any?" but I did not know anything to play. "Singing?" and friends suggested my name. Few of us gathered and rest ran away to play. We never looked back and actually got very close. As I was good in studies too, he would seldom call me for practice during school hours. Sometimes he would just call me to listen to his practice, and teach me some too. This was also first time I was introduced to old hindi music. His bengali songs just hymn in my ears sometimes but I cant recall them clearly though.

Heera sir, Art sir and PT sir, 1997 jnv khagaria
Heera sir, Art sir and PT sir, 1997

We had great time but our association did not last very long. He was very sick all along and I had no clue about it. The first time I heard about bangalore, my current residing city, was related to his treatment in Apollo. He did not make it through the summer and when I came back from holidays, the first announcement made in the assembly was about his demise. We used to make great plans for future: to join some music university and leave the school after 10th. He had convinced even my parents about it. Talk about time!

Our Art teacher, in blue sweater is still with school. I was not much into arts but we had made a trip together to Ranchi for some event. He had treated us very well at his home.

Our sports teacher, is in red/black sweater. He left our school in 8th class, I guess. Waking up at 5:30 am, jogging around and doing exercises were first for me. He made it lot of fun for us with funny jokes. He also used to play dholak, and would often assist us during functions.

This also reminds me of our English teacher, who was also very fond of me. He named me "chhotu" in the class, which became very popular. He would also join us during PT and play with us. He played crucial role in shaping our english. He left our school early and joined some other place.

Cultural Functions

This pic is from my only trip with Heera sir, to Purnea navodaya. This is my new shirt and pant, stayed with me til 10th (my profile pic of 10th class is in the same shirt) as it was my favorite. This is our gang of music: singers and dancers of my batch and one class junior. The lady in blue saree is Preity mam, our Hindi teacher. She used to sing very well and would often rehearse with us.

shaurabh bharti Gang of music, Purnea, april 1997 jnv khagaria
Gang of music, Purnea, april 1997

Playing before Sharad yadav. Original plan was to perform before Lalu, but he never showed up. We saw helicopter for first time, and the way it created storm out of nowhere was amazing to watch. Right to me is our next music teacher, who was trained in tabla. My interest in music waned rapidly from here.

shaurabh bharti Musical performance, Saharsa, 1997
Musical performance, Saharsa, 1997

Pic from our independence day event, 1995. Heera sir is unfortunately cut from this pic, his hand in green shirt is visible though. In a similar function on Republic day, my throat had gone sour due to lots of shouting and sloaganeering in Jhanki parade as activist. He would scold me a lot later. I gargled the whole evening to perform better in the event.

shaurabh bharti Cultural function, Independence day, 1995  jnv khagaria
Cultural function, Independence day, 1995 

Independence day assembly for parade. That's me close to drums. I have played side drums all the time during parades, and have hardly marched in lines.

jnv khagaria Independence day parade, 1995
Independence day parade, 1995

St Michael School

These pics are from my first school, St Michael School, Jamalpur.

Performing solo on a bhojpuri song "Hum param dehati bhuchad hayi, Hum padhna likhna ka jaani". It was so popular in school that I would perform it umpteen times, mainly because it was so funny. Our maths teacher had taught me this song along with antics of performance. I don't think I have performed in action ever after. He was a great teacher who made our maths and science solid at an early age.

shaurabh bharti Hum Param Dehati Bhuchad Hayi, 1992

shaurabh bharti Hum Param Dehati Bhuchad Hayi, 1992

Hum Param Dehati Bhuchad Hayi, 1992

Below are two pics of me playing side drums. Me and my friend prasenjit were so short in class (and so uninterested in marching) that we were inducted into drums band instead of joining parade. We would sit and play drums comfortably on benches. I have played side drums since then till my 10th.

shaurabh bharti Playing side drums, 1993
Playing side drums, 1993

Prasenjit is not playing drums below as he had fallen sick few days ago.

shaurabh bharti Playing drums while marching, 1990
Playing drums while marching, 1990

Our 1st std group. I was actually very thin till UKG when I had caught jaundice. It has changed my life in many not so nice ways. Many of these stayed my good friends till I left school after std 4. Ours was a close friend circle who played together, studied together and shared our lunch boxes together. I had visited each one's home on invitation. Sangeeta, Ujjwala, Vandana, Prasenjeet, Santosh, Premsheela, Soni, Abhishek, Abhimanyu.

Class pic, Std 1, 1990 st michael school jamalpur
Class pic, Std 1, 1990

My first pic from school. My brother was school captain while my sister participated in dance. I had just taken admisison in nursery. We were first batch to join the school, here too. Also, the only class where I stood 1st rank, but not alone, jointly with some girl.

 swati swaraj and shaurabh bharti School function, 1988
School function, 1988

Person is blue half sweater is our rickshaw wale bhaiya. We were few students in school who stayed far and needed rickshaw ride to come and go back. School was a kilometer and half away. Only when he left this to pursue something else that we started walking to school every day. He was a  jovial and nice person. He would make jokes, sing and keep us laughing all the time during ride. That's a dove in his hand, during school annual day.

Rickshaw wale bhaiya

This was my first foray into music. Our neighbour, Sangeeta miss, was preparing for an event for her association and had asked my brother to participate. I would tag along and sing whatever he would sing. At the day of event, Sangeeta miss called my name from stage, to perform unscheduled. The song was "Hum paanch poot bharat mata ke". I was shocked and would not leave my mother until pushed to stage before mic. I sang calmly and finished the performance, probably won consolation prize along with my brother who won 1st.

swaraj bharti accepting prize for singing event, 1987
My brother accepting prize for singing event, 1987

Our association with Sangeeta miss was not only for music. She was very intelligent and well educated but gave up everything to pursue her ideals. It was she who got us admitted into our primary school, where she also taught. She would tution us all subjects. In fact, it was she who spelled my name in english as Shaurabh with special "h", mainly due to her bengali associations. It has stayed with me forever. She was so good that after she left our neighbourhood, we never took any tution as we did not like the tutor itself. She has shaped our thought process in many ways and inspired us to excel.

shaurabh bharti Accepting prize for singing, 1987
Accepting prize for singing, 1987

This is my youngest pic, during marriage ceremony of my mamaji.

shaurabh bharti Mamaji ji ki shadi, 1985
Mamaji ji ki shadi, 1985

My grandparents. My grandpa is still alive and kicking but my grandma did not live long. She left us just before I joined navodaya.

My grandparents - swati swaraj and shaurabh bharti

My grandparents - swati swaraj and shaurabh bharti
My grandparents


  1. Dadi... d happiest, most caring and selfless soul i ever met.. Miss her love and affection :)
    At times i feel, i am the reason she had go to other world. Till i was at home;i was her world and we use to have all sorts of funny affairs day and night. One odd day they sent me away to live in a hostel and her purpose of life was lost. Soon (before my next visit home) she left this worldly affair however she has rubbed me with her aura by then .. its her blessing that reflects in my caring side. Once she gone, our fights were dead meat and Dablu took over my world and from that day onward you have been everything for me ... We are birds of feather , we are two hearts joined together , we will be forever as one You are my brother .. brother under the sun
    been ... So you Follow your heart .. you follow your dreams ..BUT always remember me.... i am your brother under the sun :)

  2. thats true.. best person to grace our family.. :-)

  3. Nice writeup saurabh. Inspiring to read your deeds. Also its great that you remember each and everyone who contributed to your growth

  4. thanks mani. looking at these pics reminded me of several incidents few of them i have penned down. that is true all these people have somehow contributed to my success. without them couldnt have reached here.

  5. Touching recollection of events. Was reminded of my own childhood and days at JNV.

  6. thanks bp. i had forgotton ur from jnv too. gr8 life n ppl indeed.