How Narendra Modi can Retain his Prime Ministership for the next 20 years!

Modi ji is genius in the sense that he can talk education, development, women empowerment, culture etc. all in the same breath while also maintaining his personal uprightness. In BJP's manifesto he has enlisted almost everything this country needs (or demands?) and has set a five year deadline for fulfilling his agenda. But as we know Modi ji is not a single race player. Rather, he likes to win a race again and again (4th time Gujarat CM!). Listening to his recent speeches even make references to his game plan: Next 20 years of Modi Rule!

Whereas the manifesto itself is good enough to give Modi a 20 year rule or more provided its carried forward each election, I list two of them below which will make him the best PM ever in history of India.

Women Empowerment

That Modi ji is specially concerned about women is evident from his speeches. When he repeatedly mentioned in his various interviews that he would personally go door to door, taluk by taluk to bring little girls to school, I realized that there is much more than what meets the eye. Modi ji is not so concerned about women education but far important "women empowerment".

Is it surprising that women voters are giving men run for money in voters turnout? That several of them prefer an old bearded bachelor, hindu nationalist with "chhappan inch ka seena" over suave Rahul Gandhi is not a reflection of male chauvinism in our society but smart tactics of Modi ji policies. Education is obviously a good thing. It gives textbook knowledge to young girls. But far more importantly, it brings them "out" of their cosy but conservative homes. It gives them an imprint of the outer world, pits them against boys (who are supposedly going to lead their lives later on) in performance and views, their "own" views. As they grow along with boys who carry burden of continuing the patriarchy of our society, they also inherit little bit of that "chauvinism", the will to do jobs, the confidence to manage finances and worldly chores, the wisdom of framing their own views. It is this that Modi ji has in mind.

Political Connect
Interestingly, Modi ji is also building a new generation of voters for his party BJP. In general, women are not included in "political discussions", an exclusive domain for male counterparts. Much blame also goes to their little interest in political games and its nitty-gritty. However, they do have the right to vote, and one very much equal to men. Then, who should they vote? Modi ji has answered this question for them: BJP. One set of these women voters are going to be these girls is obvious. Modi ji has worked really hard for it, created enough publicity around it and acclaimed credit for it. But more so, even parent generation of these girls may also be included in this set, who rejoice (may be little later) at the success of their female lads; plus the generation which is going to come. Ek teer se Teen shikaar!

Socially Aware
Women are also more "socially concerned" than "politically". They significantly shape views of their children at early age, may less be concerned about their success but more about their nature or health, less about crimes in neighborhood but more about misbehavior on road. All these are contributing towards building a more lawful, intellectually superior and harmonic society.

Calamity Guru

Gujarat Earthquake 2001
Modi may be known to this world by 2002 post-Godhra riot incident, but in Gujarat he became a household name by the way he handled Bhuj earthquake an year ago (read this mediacrooks article). His impressive program which in record 3 years rehabilitated the people, built new buildings and constructed the whole city afresh also received UN awards and accolades. People who lived in despair for several months after the disaster saw ray of hope within 3 months of his taking reign of Gujarat CM. He shared their sorrows, he celebrated Diwali with them, he worked day and night, morning to evening as if his "own" family members had suffered in the disaster. Such leaders were long gone in people's mind, and are very rare, the last one being Jayprakash Narayan (JP) who would live among affected people and mobilize the resources during disasters (recall Bihar Famine of 66-67).

People are people. Indians are indians. The indebtedness towards their CM for his work is not going to fade away soon, not in their lifetime. Sadly, India has a history full of such disasters. Thankfully, we have a man as PM who is a Calamity Guru.

Uttarakhand Floods 2013
As I said, rehabilitation work in Bhuj earthquake was received well across world. The model was also used during 2004 Indian ocean tsunami which destroyed Indonesia and India's south east coast. Recently, when severe landslides and floods happened in Kedarnath and Uttarakhand, a super man flew from Gujarat and saved his subjects with a magic stick! (I am not kidding, that's how it was reported). Modi's dexterity with handling calamities and his compassion towards hapless victims of such disasters makes him not only a messiah before those who somehow clinch through this matter of life and death but also his permanent evangelist and voter. No wonder that people who have personally worked or interacted with Modi speak very highly of him and endorse him on every platform, without being asked.

Shri Modi is yet to take oath as PM. A drought is impending to hit this country. Economy is in shambles. Borders are insecure. Unemployment is at its peak. Communal harmony is falling day by day. But this time people have voiced together for just one thing: Abki Baar Modi Sarkaar!

Swaraj Bharti
Shaurabh Bharti

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