Weekly Politics @ India, 17 Nov 2013: Successfull Chattisgarh polls, Messed up Telangana creation, Arvind Kejriwal's dubious tactics and others

Successful Chattisgarh polls
Chhattisgarh voted in great numbers (over 70%) in 1st phase (link). It shows that faith in democracy of Maoist-affected states are same as those not so affected by Maoists, if not more. As few booths could not be polled well. EC should've made other provisions to facilitate voting. 1) They could've promoted postal ballot as mass voting. 2) Making provisions for their night stay in safe places on the eve of polling, so that they can vote next day. 3) Using mobile and internet based voting (may be difficult due to low density of telephony).

Telangana creation in Mess
Telangana creation is a classic case of "चोर की दाढ़ी में तिनका". Congress, which has historically shown expertise in creation of states to extract political benefits, is lost in case of Telangana, which has left it with a sore throat. When Hyderabad was growing, people of both seemandhara and rayalseema invested heavily here holding a political promise that it'd never be split with any other state. Playing delaying tactics, left in dilemma of "to do or not to do", judging political mood for such a long time, and ending up playing a bigger political risk by giving it all just before elections, both general and state. Only time would settle these gambles: winners or losers. Hope that TDP and BJP who are not so strong right now make big bets in this gamble. It's important to note that the bifurcation has been done using central emergency powers, without state's assent (link, link).

Falling High Moral ground of Arvind Kejriwal
With all due respect and praise for Arvind Kejriwal, an IITKGPian, it is sad that he has taken approach of maligning others as ladder for his growth. He has complained against almost everything outside him and his party. He says he left Income Tax Dept. as commissioner to serve people, else he'd have made crores staying put (link). Well, now that he has joined politics, he can make 1000s crores. He entered communal arena by simply claiming Batla encounter as fake and Muzaffarnagar riots orchestrated by BJP, without having any proofs (both were later declared otherwise). His cosying up with clerics makes no sense. If he really wants Muslims as a unit to vote for his party, he could have directly appealed to them as community but on grounds of corruption which is its election plank. At least try to connect with politicians instead of clerics for political collaboration.

Arvind makes tall claims of winning Delhi on basis of crowd pulls, anecdotal examples (like some auto-wallah favored his party) and "own" surveys, even though several examples are there in past to learn from. A clear shadow of maoism is evident in AAP in its constituent (many maoist sympathizers like binayak sen, manish sisodia, prashant bhushan, aruna roy etc) as well as policies (public largesse for many problems, using highhandedness for fixing an issue like lokpal). Lack of experience in politics and governance at any level is missing too. 

For the likes of AAP fans, I've just one thing to say. That, the ones who spit on others won't have their faces clean for long.

SC judgement makes registering FIRs for cognizable offences mandatory, which is an important police reform (link). It also mandates 1st 7-day preliminary inquiry. Cognizable offenses are those with minimum 3-year jail and for which police can arrest without a warrant.

As they say, "There is only downhill once you've reached the peak" (link). This is what happening to congress with time. The state elections of MP, C'garh, RJ and Delhi would put a large hole in congress reach across north India, as all four states are projected in favor of BJP. Congress is negligible in Bihar. UP, WB, Odisha, GJ has no or marginal presence. It failed to win Punjab this time, breaking the ever anti-incumbency rule for 1st time in Punjab. It has govt in Haryana, HP, U'khand which are smaller states.

India must build a strong team to check human trafficking, both inside country and outside country (read a story from canada here). Usually poor slums, poor villages are target of these crimes, also sometimes crooked families. Recent case of abuse by BSP MP to his (most probably trafficked) servants is eye-opening. It has gone too far too long.

Mamata's brave step to empty cold storage stocks for potato in WB yielded great results. Hope others follow the suit, and for other food items as well (link). This is exactly what Vajpayee had done during drought in his time (2003 I guess). He opened the stores of cereals and made sure the prices of basic food did not increase. 

It is sad that though lot of noise is generated for catching and punishing terrorists, little has been done to break their infrastructure: black money payments, unauthorized money collections from foreign countries, almost no audit of NGOs accounts, easy availability of bomb making materials like NH4NO3, sealing and checking at borders, both states and national (link).

Yedyurappa is a key to growth of BJP in K'taka and around. BJP should take him into confidence and play politics with strength instead of taking decisions reactively (link).

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