Weekly Politics @ India, 09 Jan 2011

Congress has maintained a practice of undermining functional bodies and posts, altering law to suit personal benefits and party’s prospects in polls in general, since IG times. CBI is called Congress bureau of investigation or Central bureau of INC(case of a gangster pursued at highest priority in Gujarat), Governors are spokesperson of congress party (Bhardwaj in Karnataka often comes with new tactics to bring down govt.), CVC is also known as Congres Vigilance Committee (it’s head is known party loyalist), PAC has been given arbitary powers to examine PM, President has an unknown existence and PM is a puppet of its party president.

Congress has repeatedly politicised governmental schemes, specially central. Naming central schemes after gandhi and nehru family has been there for decades. Recent developments have seen taking advantage of large funds at its disposal, apparently to run vote buying schemes (at center). In recent bihar elections, both RG and SG along with MMS spoke at length on how they give funds to bihar more like generously than bound by constitution of federal structure. Congress has repeatedly blamed non-congress ruled states to gain credit for schemes from center, thereby politicising the ownership of schemes to the political parties running the governments.

India, unlike most other country, has kept tribals at their natural habibat without destroying them. Christian missionaries and muslim propagandas have immensely penetrated deep tribal regions of India. Tribals are losing their tradional style of living and livlihood. Due to different cultures, they find it difficult to cope up and adjust with mainstream culture. They also face humiliation and discrimination. Recent expeditions and excavations due to mining / timber benefits into hilly regions and traditional tribal areas have led to worst of all situations.

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