Weekly Politics @ India, 02 Jan 2011

Indian diaspora left out of current India due to political boundaries are required to be dealt with wisdom. These are people who may not or could not retain their motherland even though to their highest commitment. It is current India’s role to look into these affairs.

Divide and Rule plus poll beneficial agenda of congress has given undue powers to separatists in Kashmir.

Border problem of India with neighbouring countries specially Bangladesh, Nepal and Srilanka must be dealt with stern action.
India as a large nation and saviour of the region must take control of border region on both sides to stop infiltration and cross-border terrorism. It has been established that home-grown terrorism has never been successful in India. In all cases terrorists are either from outside India or trained by outsiders in or out India. Unauthorised citizens of Bangladesh, Nepal and Srilanka must be sent back to their parent country.

Border with Pakistan must be cleared. India must maintain no sight of artillery on the side of pakistan across the border. Any sight of life must be dealt with severe penalty. These kind of measures may help India stop infiltration.

Indian history has been hostage of central govt. whenever congress have ruled. Largely this practice has been borrowed by Britishers in particular and europeans in general. Method of glorifying “our people” and putting others in backdrop by congress ruled govt. has led us to one-sided written history. Post independence, time and again congress governments have tried to change the general perception of an event in order to gain political mileage. Even today, the way bofors scandal or bhopal tragedy or emergency era or anti-sikh riots are handled by current govt., mechanisms are required to allow transparency and truth prevailed.

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