Weekly Politics @ India, 26 Dec 2010

Yeddyurappa is making investment in temples around karnataka and nearby states. This shall strengthen one of the basic foundations of our society in villages and many corners of state, ie, temples. Temples are symbol of integrity and people connect through it. Betterment of temples provide confidence of prosperity in people and also that state is nurturing forgotten pride of their regions.

BJP should avoid harsh remarks against govt. but should rather stick to democratic ways of being in opposition. Gadkari has considerably reduced his usually sharp tongue. Few BJP leaders are impolite that way.

Jagan is playing old style politics.
Rising on the wave of popularity of his father, emotional politics involving his mother and dying people and finally, divide and rule politics. Even after keeping dalit CM Rossaih for an year could not solve deadlock among zamindar reddys, by calling quits jagan has defied to work under any leadership.

BJP should come forward to join the new anti-corruption bill drafted by noted scholars (http://www.indiaagainstcorruption.org). Karnataka has the most active lokayukt in country, it does not spare even ministries and CM. Difficult how it may be, BJP should move towards strengthen the bill by politically assessing it’s worth and improve it’s quality.

Maha politics is at all time low. Ruling party is deep down drowned in corruption, be it expose of crores donation for sonia’s rally or adarsh or countless others. Regional shiv sena and MNS are fighting like brothers fight for batwara in home. BJP though 3rd largest is insignificant without a prominent leader. Raj is stronger leader than Udhav. Bal is ageing. BJP should come forward and join the hands of two brothers and strengthen each other.

Situation of Andhra and Karnataka govt. are similar but handled differently. Simple majority followed by series of calamities on both govt. has marred state issues and politics, even destablising govt. BSY first saw revolt from reddy brothers, land scams, dissidence in MLAs and even it’s governor acting as opposition leader. Telangana has become a huge issue. Untimely death of YSR led to division in Andhra congress. YSR magic had worked more in Andhra than Sonia’s, and Jagan has been defiant on this issue. Rossiah took the office for one year as sitting-in CM but nothing helped. Jagan has broken ties with congress and so his supporters. Current farmer crisis after havoc rains has intensified it. The difference between the two states is the way these tough situations are handled. Karnataka has overcome most problems and moving as stable govt. Andhra govt. is in tatters and things may go out of hand sooner or later.

Mid-term elections have usually favored BJP and allies. Nitish ji won first major elections after president rule in Bihar (a hung assembly). BJP’s first govt. in south came after a hung assembly in Karnataka, due to JD(S) and Congress style politics. BJP’s 1st govt at center which ran for full five year term ever, came after a hung parliament.

Politics in TN and AP needs to re-invent on the lines of KA. The first credible step should be to free Media houses of political clout.

Federal structure of India has taken a hit. States have grown stronger while center has adopted preferential policy among states in India. Center has often showed federal structure is not for stability but as a favour to states, which it may not be liable to.

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