Weekly Politics @ India, 19 Dec 2010

Central politics has gone hollow now. Congress is talking about RSS and Hindu extremists even though the issues are buried down as of now. Corruption is at its peak but there is no tough and convincing talk. Most of the central leaders try to speak out of their mind, create controversy and like to stay in media limelight for some time. Digvijay, rahul and sonia are good examples of that.

BJP’s central leadership has gone thin now. Only jaitely and swaraj are visible at higher stage. Gadkari, Shourie and many others usually keep mum. Advani is ageing. In a way it is a good thing because hollow government needs a hollow opposition.

Yeddyurappa has won major battles. Two inner and many outer. Fight with reddy brothers were important as it involved finance, whereas fighting against dissidence established his leadership. Tackling corruption cases gave him a tough man stand.

Bihar politics is next generation politics : above caste and religion. Many states have to follow it yet.

Congress style of politics is dying now. Dynastic rules like I and my family rules the party. Corrupt politics that to use state/central wealth to fund political agendas. Gifts and Freebies like free rice, TV, power, loan waivers, water and others. Divisive politics like muslims vs rest of India or Upper castes vs lower castes. Central leadership (lack of federal structure) where leaders at center decides who is chief minister in a state. Corrupt bureaucracy where IAS officers believe they are raja of districts and departments and ministers treat mines as their birth right properties. Selective development where one region is full of industries and wealth while other region is left in lurch and poverty. Anti-Pakistan where pursuance of bilateral talks are kept alive even after 26/11 attacks.

State politics is rising now. Each state is producing their own “hero” CMs, who are doing great in uplifting the common people. It would only be matter of time when one of those will rise for the occasion to lead at the center.

Americans for a change have shown the door to open journalism and hence democracy. Assange’s role in exposing Iraq war documents on human rights violations has not angered general american, might be because it did not talk about american casualties but of non-americans, mainly resident muslims. America’s scant regard for other countries is not just imbibed in its bureaucracy and government but seemingly also in people. Series of publications by american news NYT show that various diplomats around the world as well as spying in the countres is not in the right spirit by govt. We are yet to see Americans backlash on this to govt. However embarrassing it may be, Obama’s admin stands little affected in the eyes of americans. War has happened in Bush era and diplomatic problems affect him little now as he has got enough problems at home. Not to wonder, Obama has only played hide and seek with wikileaks, and has not even filed a criminal case against it.

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