The Two Dreams

It was a festive time, just like the times around. May be it was between durga puja and diwali. As usual, my grandfather was interested in "cooking" some special items. It was "white rasgulla" for a change, usually he makes gulab jamun (or black rasgulla). As usual, things never go smooth with him. Tension was up for grabbing stuff around, gathering utensils, this and that. Anyways, the milk was heated too long (acc. to him) before lemon was poured. Not that usual, only few rasgulla could keep their size and shape at the end. Rest broke down into small bits and pieces. Well, after having done the job of what a conductor does in bus for quite a while, I wasn't quite ready for all that blame game (the over heating part, besides many many others, literally anything i did). And it all backfired. I was all upon him. When I looked around, the eyes were upon me. Seems they were right, I was wrong. I could sense that. It was remorseful, it woke me up.

It was almost end of day.
I was walking by the main road. Took a turn towards gully leading to my house. Dogs are no news to bangalore gullies. One walked behind me. Others were walking towards me from front. It felt like a gang attack. They were closing in. I was carrying a polybag. They were four or five. They were pushing me from all sides. I knew the dogs bark before they bite, they din't. The gherao was happening, I had forseen it a while ago. The run was an option, I could hardly pull my feet though. The attack was inevitable. Before they could bite, I woke up.

Often that I've played the "act of blame", and the part of not pulling up the feet at the time its heavy. Enough of that.

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