Why is BSNL better than Airtel?

There again, we go. After an year pause, we have another terrorist attack on our door knocking, right at CWG site. To add to that, there’s an intimidating email sent to all media junkies, who din’t take a flash of second before publishing the threat on almost all news portals and tv channels.

For long time terrorists have used fake sims to carry out terrorist activities in India. What’s a fake sim anyway? For fake name, fake address, fake photo and fake identity. A sim is so powerful today that it can connect u to anyone in the world and internet, and if it’s fake, without a trace! But who cares? A sim makes money for me. Fake or No fake, "chalta hai"!

There is always a cry foul over BSNL about it’s services.
The servicemen are not responsive, slow. Connection takes lots of time. Complaints are never handled. Too many trips to the main office. A friend of mine got a reliance internet connection even though she does not have an address proof! Sure it was easy, but do we ever look at what are we encouraging?

Servicemen in BSNL are “employed”, Airtel people are contractors. Airtel folks are mandated with targets, thereby making them get through it by “hook or crook”. With no pressure on head, BSNL folks are procedural, they take steps as they should be. When both parties (suppliers and consumers) are eager to get connections for virtually scrapping the whole process involved, what happens in the end? Are not we abetting terrorism too?

The tactics in the name of quick and so called hassle-free "aaraam se" door-service has led only to havocs both for consumers (junk calls, junk sms) but as we can see, even for the nation!


  1. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/30-lakh-cellphones-disconnected/articleshow/6743937.cms

    over 30 lakh cellphone connections are found irregular and look at who are crying foul. aren't they abetting terrorism?

  2. Airtel is by far the worst.. even if you don't have any address proof. u can get an airtel sim easily. The airtel agents to meet there target will arrange some fake address proof.

  3. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/117-mobile-numbers-in-one-womans-name-in-Delhi/articleshow/7631158.cms

    i wonder 117 sims for same person and address doesnt trigger an alarm in their system..pathetic!

  4. lol read these acts