Our population is evidence of pathetic pre-1947 policies

Population Blast is a common topic taught in secondary education course. We even learn about it's problems and it's proximity to cyclic poverty. Alas, this term has led the middle class and upper class to blame the blast upon the below poverty line. Poverty may cause population growth, but population growth is caused equally by both rich poor and any living on this country land.

It's surprising that it's often considered गरीब का बच्चा बोझ और अमीर का बच्चा देश का भविष्य (poor man's son is a burden but rich man's son is future of the country).

I do not see any reason as why below poverty line should not re-produce.
Usually it is reasoned that you’d re-produce as much as you can ‘afford’ to. But affordability also comes from more people. On similar line, in classic jaane bhi do yaaron, there’s a line ‘when poor drink they create chaos and beat their family, besides they can’t afford it. But rich remain civilized after drinking, besides they can afford it’. Quite catchy!

The population burst of india is due to 100-200 year rule of policies adopted by east india company in agricultural lands, on farmers, skilled workers (craftsmen etc). They killed the old traditional skillset of people and forced them to work them in their factories and produce for them. Many fertile land went waste for forced production of neel and other substances which adversely affect land.

Unless families stabilise financially, they would re-produce more in order to aim for more earning. For them, child labour is important source of the income. In their families, everyone works : man, woman and kids. And why shouldn't they? As long as they can feed their children, they have all the rights on this land to do it. On moral grounds? Well, let's talk of rich's morality first!

The Myth of population explosion

PS : on sidelines, I never believe that lakhs working in factories can ever have stable economy with ample jobs for all to live happily. world has hit recession several times now and has caused the worst world war. we must move our economy to more sustainable form, with less strain on earth and with potential to higher scalability and flexibility enough to lower down (both employment and scale of economy). Take UK, where sharp shortage of employment seekers has led to compulsive immigration, meaning it is failing sustainability to scale down it's economy as the population has went down.

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