My stint with reading

I have been very lazy in reading.. and by that i mean reading anything.. news, novels, textbooks, mags.. anything! However, this week I casually visited our library and browsed the books there. Couple of books I picked, one of them was

A Flag, A Song and A pinch of Salt - Freedom Fighters of India by Subhadra Sen Gupta.

The title of the book surely shows some inclination of mine towards nationalistic writings. Since it was about freedom era and its a lean thin book, it was my obvious first choice. I kept my pace for some time but couldnt even cross 100th page. I had to return the book today and in return I got "Imagining India" by Nandan.

The book is very succinct about lifestyles of different people like Maulana Azad, Subash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi including many others. It starts with their anecdotes, one of them notably by Netaji, "तुम मुझे खून दो, मैं तुम्हें आज़ादी दूँगा" (You give me blood, I'll give u freedom). It talks about their education, family background and how it impacted their final inclusion into freedom struggle. Almost all of them had adverse upbringing to become freedom fighters. Instead, they could have turned to be rich barristers and loyal british servants. Many of them belonged to rich family and their father were either big zamindars or holding high posts in british india. However, when it comes to their freedom struggle story, author has unbiasedly included Gandhi into almost every nukkad of the hero's story, quietly undermining their importance. Paras have been written only if Gandhi has been part of those incidents. Worst, authoring is more perceptive in nature (as author understood) than descriptive (what actually happened). Instead, I would have liked these short biographies from a rather neutral perspective, specifically, not written by a Gandhian to explain how exactly Gandhi affected other freedom strugglers.

I read some of the starting stories but they turned out to be boring, as most of them had singular stand : either go with Gandhi or fight with him. I returned it within a day. I had issued another book on India, called Philosophies and Religions of India by Yogi Ramacharaka. This is another short book, and the author turns out to be in disguise. Hope to find it closer to the truth.