Is Columbus Dead?

The life of sailors isn't so easy.. first there is an ocean.. then there is direction.. and then there is this path which u need to cross.. n then there ur destination, ur manzil lies..

Sailors look so fascinating.. all kids wanna be them.. even I did.. thought of making my own boat.. my own direction.. my own destination.. thought of discovering a new land.. a new India.. but it wasn't so easy..

Each of them sail on their own boat.. after all God gifted one to every1.. but not many would go far.. most of them will return to the shore before it becomes the horizon.. many will go little further, do fishing, come back home with great fantasy stories and thrill the standing lot..

but I'm not talking about them here..

I'm talking about those kids who dream of a shore on the other side of ocean.. 1st time they sail and come back.. 2nd time they go little further, do fishing n come back again but they don't have any stories to tell.. because they have something bigger in mind.. and every time, the further they go the lonely they find themselves, because others are busy catching fishes and so are left behind.. but he doesn't care much.. cuz he has something bigger to catch.. something unheard of, nobody knows what its like..

Life isn't easy for those sailors who are catching the big fish, looking for the subtle island.. WHEN u find yourself alone in the middle of ocean where u can't see a shore, where u can't make ur directions, where u start fearing the God.. THEN what u need is some patience, some hope and lot of courage to even stay there and then to try to go ahead..

Not every1 is a sailor.. not all who sail know directions.. and not all who sail and know directions cross the ocean and reach the shore.. but yes, they are there..

So Cheer up my friend, if you're the one, then you'd show us the new Land, the new India.

Is Columbus Dead? I don't think so..


  1. Not everybody wants to be a sailor.usually people tend to be always on the safer side(off the shore).but not everyone is alike, there are some really brave , courageous, passionate,determined n with lots of potential also out there whose only wish is to become a sailor and face the challenges of the sea, overcome the hurdles.

    It needs something extra to be such individuals, who risk everything in life knowingly for a greater acheivement / cause in life. and i feel such people should always be suported and encouraged . they can always acheive it. there is a silver lining in every cloud.

    if not plunge into the sea , atleast others should not be held back. Definitely columbus is not dead and would never die as long as seas and oceans are prevalent on this earth.

  2. hey shaurabh, heard abt the new proposal at Jamalpur in Lalu's budget...

  3. hey shaurabh, heard abt the new proposal at Jamalpur in Lalu's budget...

  4. Modernisation and Development of Jamalpur Workshop

    100 Established in 1862, Jamalpur Workshop is one of the largest integrated workshop of Indian Railways. Production of wagons, container flats, ART cranes and tower wagons etc. has been started in the workshop during the last few years. It is proposed to modernize Jamalpur workshop at a cost of Rs 82 cr to enable its development like a production unit.

    I think most of it would go into recruitment and expansion. Some relatives who are in jmp were telling me.

  5. hi bharti nice post!
    keep blogging and do it more often

  6. thanks rd..
    tera blog link kahan hia? bas profile bana ke chhor diya :P lol