Bad Things are So Cyclic..

Things are so cyclic.. what u do is what u get.. jo durson ke liye gaddha khodta hai woh khud hi usme gir jata hai.. almost all bad things make a cycle to reinforce it, and almost all good things lead u high but hav nvr a "backpush" from any cycle. Why?

Life of a kid is so much like an observer.. he finds bad things in family, he learns good things from family, hes determined to overcome difficulties, he always assumes to hav seen the future, but Why do things turn up so badly in adulthood?

When u were graduating u had only family in my mind, well we all hav it.. when u talk about a job then u mention "for my family".. when u get a good news u disclose it first to ur family.. but all this mechanically scheduled job life leaves u little to think about nething.. or rather, it leaves u with the only thing as ur salary and nothing else.. of course, your resume, your networking, all those bullshit which are trackbacking u.. haunting u..

But then even if i knew how badly u had fared, i made it a point that i wont do the same.. i wud be different, i wud really do nething for my family.. i wud spend everything on them, after all its their hardwork and sacrifices which has led me to this peak of my career, i wont get defeated by this life like u did.. but nothing, i was just dreaming..

And this is the reality.. when u grow up, when u get the job, it detaches u from family more than it attaches u.. they nvr ask u for nething, u see they hav everything.. u reduce their needs to mere gifts, and meetings to mere yearly visits.. guys make plans for great career, for shifting to US, for dng an MBA or a PhD.. and girls start saving for their going-to-be, the tough unknown life they havnt seen, parents seldom even accept gifts from them (a girl?!?), they live a life as if they hav already passed their duragavan.. well sooner or later it has to happen..

Detachment is inevitable.. and this slow-poison, killing work life makes it worse.. the distance is reduced by cheap telecom services but that also becomes a series of formalities of set of questions, which u ask everyday and on every phone call.. all the smiling dreams u had turns to be gloomy, the sweat on the head makes u feel tired.. but who asked for this all?

Is making money so hard in the world? ..that it makes u leave ur past behind like it never existed.. school friends and college friends become ur close pals.. u tend to forget ur past rivalry and greet even ur college foes with a pleasant smile.. u tend to make shallow friendship becuz u nvr know when u wud need them in future.. u may still sit together, laugh, eat on the same table with one whom u just back-stabbed a while ago.. u form fake goodwill around becuz u want to hide ur ill ambitions..

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

No i dont mean I'm not loving my parents, I also dont mean I'm avoiding my responsibilities, but where is the passion I used to feel when I was kid? Why was it there when I didnt own a pocket, and why is it disappearing when i hav all full-four pockets?

things hav changed so much in this short span job life.. the respectful attitude for people, the sweet love for girls u've crush upon, the non-stop to-be-on-the-top spirit.. all of these seem to fade out.. to materialise.. and person in me is getting hard.. more n more oblivious to the nature.. to the people.. may be, to myself too.


  1. Nice post Shaurabh after some time :) The same question I have asking myself for long time. What am I doing here ? I always feel how much you earn and live in a posh area, the joy of living with your parents will not be there. Give me the same salary and open a DC in Trichy and ask me to settle there, I will do it :)

  2. lol.. that's true.. i can happily go back to jamalpur and relax :D

  3. Good one yaar. We shall ask Infy wale to open a DC in our respective cities so that we dont lose much on our lives and ironically pocket too :)

  4. lol.. i think the easier one would be to give every1 a laptop and work from home :D lol.. once or twice a year we wud visit our offices for a week or so, finish all our meetings in those holidays and go back home again, for work.
    wat say? ;-)

  5. True, once in a while, we should take them for a good ride and not the other way always.