Why Did I Go for BSNL Broadband?

By now, people call me "BSNL Ambassador". They think BSNL has paid me for popularizing their product. Why? Because whenever someone asks me suggestions over Broadband services, I put BSNL Broadband a.k.a. DataOne on the TOP!

The instant comment most of my friends/colleagues would make on BSNL would be "It would take months to get the connection!", and NO, none or only few of them have BSNL as such :) General perception seems to be lethargic, poor services, local people (who dont understand english/hindi).. but I really dont buy this theory.. cuz I actually had different experience.

Most private players in this space, notably Airtel, Tata Indicom, Hathway, Sify etc. are actually small players.. they can afford to have door to door service, where customer does not even need to move an inch, except that to the reach of his wallet, well that is for the payment :D

Well, I take this fact. True, that BSNL is a Govt. player, and they wont run behind you to give the connection. On the contrary, you have to run behind them, and unlike private players, they are open on Saturdays too. Many people also criticize BSNL as it needs separate landline connection for installing Broadband service. But this sounded me funny, cuz all broadband service would need a landline connection anyway, whether u use them or not (funny though, in the case of Airtel, they say "you get a free landline connection too alongwith Broadband :D lol). Just that BSNL has a separate process for getting landline connection, and actually, its this process which is as old as BSNL and hence, somewhat lethargic. Getting broadband if you own a landline connection is just matter of a week.

To add to the facts mentioned above, I stay in one of the congested areas of Bangalore called Koramangala. Getting phone line connection was a 4 week affair for me. I got broadband next week. Its almost 6 months now, no forgery bills, once in a month downtime for couple of hours in case of rains or something(if at all!), great speed (soars higher than 32KB mostly), and as I see that BSNL has great infrastructure, I can only say that its future is definitely better, that I can always switch to other services as I want.

On a larger note, I find it funny when people are afraid of following a system and keep looking for shortcuts to get their work done. BSNL is one of the oldest and stable player. They don't provide service where just "money" lives, but where "people" live (may be cuz they are from Govt.).. and let me remind you, that people live in outskirts of city, villages too, where it might not be profitable for private players to play. These private players attract the customers by promising them no bhagam-bhag saar.. no extra fees saar.. free landline saar.. free service for two months saar and blah blah.. but most of them turn out to be poor players.. they cheat later for speed, downtime, bills etc etc.. and its extremely hard to negotiate with them.

So folks, Go for BSNL. Go for DataOne.


  1. How much Dhaya you got from Daya :) Jst kidding. BSNL rocks and they are very good in telephone services too. They are giving free(no advance) ISD facility. Great going.

  2. BSNL has good facilities but they undo it with bad customer service....

  3. if good customer service meant to run behind them for money and service.. then definitely BSNL customer service is bad. However, IMHO, such a thing is bad in practice as it wrongly sets very high expectations of customers (that in any problem, service provider will handle u like a kid and solve all ur problems :D)..

  4. Tune kab ye msg likha, pata hi nahin chala! am sorry, aaj blogger khol ke dekha!! thx for the remarks, shayad ichha to hai ki ek novel likhun, gadhe, kutte aur Ramapithicus ke oopar :)

  5. This mentality is the reason why India is still a 'developing' country. People don't strive for the best, they are happy with whatever is given to them, like for the case crappy BSNL. Finally people are waking up, they are using services provided by private players - Airtel and Reliance, hence you see BSNL crashing to the 3rd spot and it will go further down if it doesn't provide quality service and doesn't have the mentality 'let customers come running behind me'. To end it, Airtel and Reliance are open even on Sundays. :)

  6. dude,
    a country doesnt become great by providing a service thru ass-licking :)
    running behind customers, giving them unsolicited calls and releasing personal details to insecured companies/groups/people, might be a good service for u, but actually, they finally lead to a chaos and end in the ditch.

    BSNL and 3rd? Lol.. service of both airtel and reliance is pathetic.. false billings and services in preferential areas will definitely benefit a blogger like u who lives in the city, but the normal ppl, who lives far off, would be doomed for the same reason, they dont care, and it seemed, neither u did :)
    End : Airtel and Reliance are closed on sundays, and even if they r open, r too chaotic for any help :) Pathetic.. to say the least..

  7. @nimesh
    abe bas aise hi..tu sale kahan rehta hai?? neway cu sometime :)

  8. BSNL now ranks 3rd overall in customer numbers. And yes it is BSNL that is preventing private players from entering towns and villages, main reason being these guys have laid cables everywhere and not leasing it to private players, hence the private players have to put in their infrastructure which will take time. Moreover talking about unsolicited calling, i hope you have heard of the TRAI DND list. If not google it. As for false billings, challenge that anyone's Airtel / Reliance bill is false and bring it upto them, they will remitt the entire bill back to you! I'm sure you haven't tried such things, but dude in BSNL, you can't imagine doing such things over the phone, you have to go 'ass-lick' them at their office.

  9. abe ee kaa likha hua hai.. tu BSNL ka advertisement kab se kerne laga

  10. I don't know if you indeed were satisfied by BSNL or not, but as far as my experience goes BSNL sucks. I mean it took more than a month for me to get the broadband. Even the speed or low downtime wasn't something to laud about. Finally doomed by the speed, i switched to the Airtel broadband and i was running the same the very next day. Its been 5 months now and i haven't faced any downtime as such (even during the heavy rains)!!! Speed has been at its best right from the first day. And I don't know where you picked the false billing point. I haven't seen anything as such.
    The view that it reaches each town and village. I don't see how it can govern your view to judge it against the private players here. You can't stick to a bullock-cart when you have a choice of Honda city, just commenting that bullock carts reach villages.

  11. @anonymous : dude u still seem to be novice in using services.. i hav used airtel's many, and most of them out of the same belief that they doo serve better, and of course they are fast, contrary, they make u run here n there (from one office to another :D) they wud make certain phone calls before ur face and promise to take immediate action behind ur ass, but only later to be found, months have passed and they didnt even itch theirs! If you're staying in cities, airtels (and other private players) are already logged up with more than allowed customers and quality is falling drastically (tower is not far from my home, though I only see half the signal).. hmm.. that's for airtel basic service aka GSM cellular phone..
    For internet, i tried data card wireless service, and it was such a great experience (again, in terms of first my ass-licking for taking the service, and then their ass-licking for fixing the problems), later only to be found that I have paid random bills sometimes even crossing thousand than promised.. ohh yeah, I have already given the written application, lets see but it seems they hold money tight in their ass.. lol.. i dont really care so leave it..
    Besides, what did u say? BSNL stopping Airtel to enter villages??? Good Joke buddy, shitty airtel broadband is not even in the whole bangalore, forget village areas. They just exist in posh areas, that too full of their capacities. Do u have any clue how do they have so many people running for giving the service? They work on mouth-contract basis, u just get people who know basic english to carry stuff and install them, no they are not "employees", they just get money and if they do good work "well we'd see u next time".. nothing can be worse than this way of exploiting unemployed youth! Ohh, dont even compare BSNL about it, every person comes to you are employed, ie, they get their PF and Gratuity, monthly salaries and office to sit, they work in working hours (no need to any-time service) and they are running whole bangalore and whole India, and yes, very efficiently.. any doubts? Check your home landline if you have.. (and if you have had, u wud have connection in no time!)
    Doing business is no deal, doing ethical business tears many apart. We'd see in future how well all these figures settle down.. and btw, BSNL doesnt need to go to Rehman or Sachin or SRK to sell their cards with youth attracting package.. only recently I saw their ad with preity and that too for broadband.. nothing to doubt, airtel and similar players are definitely responsible for alarming (read uncontrolled) growth of cellular phone usage among youth and even kids, definitely affecting them badly!

    @amit : dude it seems u didnt read my full post.. BSNL takes time for Bband only becuz of telephone connection prerequisite, and that is an age old system of BSNL, that would definitely take time as depending upon connection is free in ur area and pending cases etc etc. Bband took just two days (as I said in my post) to install. Regarding downtime, there are downtime specially on weekdends but that's short and its never down on heavy rains n all.. airtel would also take very same time, provided it has such a huge telephone system (poor folks, they r just born).. but if you already have a telephone connection, it takes no time.. and dont even talk about speed dude, there must be some fault in ur system, as I can safely say that my 256kbps connection never goes below 33-35KBps anytime my downloads.. never past 6-7 months im using it..
    Lol.. I was really appalled at ur analogy "car in city vs bullock cart in village".. if a car makes city developed and village with bullock cart behind, then perhaps its becuz of you people villages are regarded as backward.. but I dont think BSNL has any different perspective for villages or cities as sucy, its all about congestion for providing the service, as usual, BSNL is reaching all the world inside India, and Airtel is still fighting to reach all of those "developed" cities in India.. lol lets see if they can stay alive till then.. becuz for airtel or any player, its about business "why to have a system in village when these cities are left" ohh of course, becuz may be villages dont have much money to spare.. lol.. BSNL seldom worries about business (well, why should it? Its on the high!), its just getting better and better for its customers.. ie, the People of India.