डूब मरो ऐ मीडिया वालों..

डूब मरो ऐ हिंदुस्तान वालों - लालत है इस खामोशी पर was not just another news article for me. It made me understand the obvious direction in which media - the voice of people, is heading to. Unusually, I felt that somehow people, whose voice media folks claim to have, are actually silent. And the media is forcing their ugly economics propagandas and thoughts in the eyes, ears, mouth and brains of the people. No wonder, I just send my comments to editor for such a bad state of media in the country, India. This is what I wrote to him,

Dear editor,
All I can say is, we read what is given to us to read. If u publish some news in the left botton corner of 3rd page, tell me who is going to read it? If u publish something on the top, most probably everyone will read it.
I fully understand u know what people want to read. But, do u know what u want the people to read? Its a question of business vs profession, money vs work, which go hand-in-hand only for a short while but not long. As I see the booming economy, I know media has also gone to loot its share and I'm sure they are making huge money.
It was really easy to make statement of "doob maro hindustan walon". U know that u are not representatives of this public, so u easily got escaped.
The subject should have been "डूब मरो ऐ मीडिया वालों..".
Sorry for the harsh language,
Shaurabh Bharti

Lets Hope.


  1. Dear blogger, Its easy to take a high road against the populist media. Naturally, they claim to be the voice of the unheard & unfortunately have the power to decide what goes into page one. I agree with you, that on occasion (as i can recollect: 'Prince','Dr.Hanee's airport fiasco' etc) have made page one. If not for the visual media, which have created a miasma by penetrating our living rooms, these wouldn't be headlines. If hope you got a chance to view the recent programme on 'role of media' with all leading editors interviewed by Barkha & Rajdeep. the viewers included former Prez & other leading politicians..

  2. Thanks for referring the episode, I do not watch TV so missed it. I very much agree to the role of Media towards building up the society, which is the source of general information to the public, the society.

    Regarding ur comment on "its easy to take a high road against media", they feel that for all bads they are basehed but for goods they aren't appreciated. I would say media expects too much of appreciation for the work they do. I think media has always got the needed appreciation, but the standards recently have fallen so badly, that nothing sounds good about them.

  3. Yes they have to.Media is part and parcel of life these days.But are they responsible ? I will say No. They are creating divide among people based on religion,region. Sensationalizing each and everything.

  4. true mani.
    Its a sad state of affairs. Where journalism is one of the highly regarded literary work, in India, its the people who dont even know the language properly. Besides low knowledge over India's culture, history etc, they put their biased view (influenced by their religion, community, caste etc) and let readers think along the same direction. Without rules and regulations, and more so, initiatives from media itself to improve its standards of selling cheap selling stories, its going to fall further :(