Cricket 3D

Cricket 3D :

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Sorry if most of you have seen this before, but it was nice surprise for me to spot Cricket 3D at from CricInfo. Besides scorecard and normal statistics, its now possible to see three things a) ball by ball action b) animation and sound c) action with different views of camera. Now, you may put me in the list of cricket buffs, but actually I’m a Web2.0 one J . I found it very interesting because a)it’s a realtime application and b) its based on web.

A deeper look at this took me to SportFlashBack, a company which masters in Virtual Visualization of Real Game Events. They has done similar job for faster games like Rugby and Football as well !!!

Now coming back to Cricket 3D, it has SEVEN default views for the cricket, besides Master view, which means it will show the cricket with a mix of many views. There is also a complete custom view generator, using which u can zoom in to the view of the ball and zoom out to the view of whole stadium (Wow!). Not just that, it has voice too.

But the most interesting part for me was, how does it play animation for every ball bowled, playing action with bat and subsequent fielding action etc? It is significantly different from a normal text based commentary done on many sites. Even if program is hardcoded with typical action sequences (fast or spin bowling, actions for making shots, fielding actions for keeper, slip and even umpire), it would need a well formatted input of all these sequences so that the same sequence which happened in real can be animated on web (imagine the case with fast paced games like football ! ). Best part is its performance. I found it fastest among popular sites for cricket scores including and So at the end, you are seeing an animated live match best in realtime.


  1. The best part of the site is not only the design,the speed and the real animation, Also it gives the user an option to replay Wickets and boundaries which you don't get when watching a cricket match live in TV.

  2. hey just checked your interests one of which is SOA. Is infosys using an off the shelf product for their SOA?

  3. of course.. the internet tv stuff :D neway man india is playing great.. hope this time we take the cup :D

  4. true im smwat soa buff bt how did u figure that out? i didnt put much blogs on that :D im still figuring out to understand the big space.. neway.. i hav no clue if infosys has a product or smthing.. drop an email and wud let u know :)