Is Conscience above Science? the Fifth Force? The Sixth Sense?

Is Conscience above Science? ..was exactly what I asked myself when I was thinking about Ancient Indian Giants. I have myself read Ramayan and Mahabharat many times where Rishi Muni and their followers will do many miracles which we can only imagine today. I was watching this movie Wo Hu Cang Long aka Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon sometime back, where this Li Mu Bai charactor tried to hold his life through Meditation on just Last Breadth! I have heard many footballers (the greater ones) and watched movies based on them.. and amazingly they often claim that Football is not played by muscle but by Mind, the Head! The goal you score does not come from your flexible body, day and night exercises and all that gym power, but only because you believe in doing so! Its same with cricketers, tennis players, all of them. Certain miraculous incidents even you might have come across like "a little boy lifted a truck to save his sister.. " or something like that.. makes you sometime question the same,
Is Conscience above Science?

Now, even though the question is a lot debatable in the present frame of science, but its almost impossible for science to describe anything above which sound pretty OK and simple statements. Because, science only believe in materialistic facts. Now, even though it believes in certain manner in forces (as there are four forces), notably the gravitational one, which is presently described using gravitons, but what kind of force is this one.. the fifth one? the one which controls the conscience.. the one which disguises the world for real.. the one which can break the physical laws because it was beyond all the forces?

While reading relativity some 6-7 years back, it was interesting to read how space is not a free place like I thought vacuum was, and that it has its own constraints.. and even it couldn't fly faster than the 'c'.. and then I looked at the Universe.. and it looked far beyond the 'c'.. it didn't look controlled but infinite.. the real infinity.. having the power of doing anything.. but was it all above conscience?

What is conscience? They say A Man's reach is his Imagination .. but what is the limit to imagination? And what is real? There is a famous recitation in Mahabharat.. and it says life is nothing but a dream from which we never get up.. and when we die we never come back.. just like when we get up from dreams, there is no way our dreams can catch us back.. and that there is only one form of life we have.. and that is Aatma.. and that is truth, and the only truth.. and that is what our Bhagwan is connected to or known to.. and perhaps that is where our faith in God comes.. and that we still, and never will, be able to find Him ..unless we die.

The behavioral science is so huge and so ancient and so successful that I wonder how long our civilization would stay with this kind of scientific model.. which is too materialistic to go beyond such boundaries.. the power is within us, we need to discover it.. but whats the fun if we end up spending all our strength n money on sheer competition? we hav to take the path of vivekanand.. it has to be for society, for human beings..


  1. Our epics(books) have so much truth and so much fantasy that it is hard to distinguish between the two and extract something which can be applied in todays' life.

  2. nice point..
    truth can be a fantasy itself if hidden, u know that right? Many times we just end up rubbing our eyes.. just like happened with atom bomb bombardment case?

    The very basis of modern science is primarily business and not social development, hence due to missing "humanity" picture, we have ended up making huge businesses, still under the threat of losing it tomorrow.. the peace factor has led the civilization panic more and breathe less.. today people say its a fantasy to dream like that.. wat do u say? U know the answer..

  3. I believe fields of science including neuroscience or psychology have somehow tried explaining conscience as something in brain that evolved to include altruism in society. Something as they say just puts a question mark on the concept. I believe conscience is indeed one of the unsolved mysteries for science.

    Anyways a well articulated post.

  4. sometime back I read an article on similar lines.. I actually posted once which drew lines between Universe and Human Body.. the complexities in both the cases are so huge, that no matter how many experiments we do, we will end up learning just a minuscule.. u know.. its like a large terabite software code.. which we are trying to understand by reading lines and not understanding the system .. thats pretty much impossible..

  5. Indeed true... and there you put the bounds science face.... i feel its only when science defaces the mystery around human brain, can it move to conscience ...
    Till then its definition sticks to 'something' ...