India's unlikely nuclear recruits - a comment
By Monica Chadha, BBC news, Mumbai

Truly nice article!

I have visited BARC once in dec 2003, it was a great place to be there. I saw nuclear reactors and those huge cadmium rods.. it was hilarious.. we saw a super computer out there and had some fun on it.. we had a presentation from Director of BARC, and we were amazed to see the kind of research activities going there.. it was wonderful time there!

However, when question of joining these institutions come in, it becomes harder choice. For, 1) work load/quality for freshers is quite pathetic 2) they pay quite less 3) system is quite rigid, and hence promotions and future prospects of growth is pretty slow 4) It’s a Govt Job ( perhaps its just the thing that people want to stay away from govt job)

We also talked to director of TIFR, Mumbai that time, and one of question we had was
“What are they doing to advertise themselves as leading research institutes among engineers?”
Perhaps it was not the relevant question for them!


  1. thats true... in our field even the private sector is same as public sector :(

  2. depends on the maturity level..
    if govt is ready to fill the deficit accounts of a sector like public sectors, its surely gonna lose, but if it operates like an independent sector but govt invests (ONLY) money in it.. then it could be same as any other company.. actually I would say they can start big as they would rarely hav funding probs..