The Universe and Information Symmetry

My fascination for Universe has not gone yet, actually it peaks up whenever it finds a chance.. its an amazing place to be and a wonderful dream to see.. right from its birth to its growth, it has the most fascinating history (what all is there and what all is believed!).. initially we didn't have anything! Then, there was this big bang (I don't support it, just putting the common perception).. it blasted universe off and universe started expanding.. and it has grown this much already.. and it is still growing..

Complete Composition of universe is another secret which people are crazy to find.. still stars and gas makes most part of it.. Lifecycle of stars is yet another beautiful story to listen.. the way its born and brought to shine the whole universe, and finally it dies and sleeps forever.. but actually the part which is not inferable from this is, stars are renewable, that is, they are born again and again and again..

Universe has presumably almost fixed mass-energy.. however, transformations between mass and energy as well as one mass to another mass is perpetual.. most part of universe contains hydrogen and helium.. these lighter gases (under weakestest gravitational force) flock together to build huge huge masses which finally collapses under its own gravitation to induce fusion reactions, and finally, the star gets its birth! However, in the process these H and He converts them into carbon and Beryllium, which in turn composes higher metals and heavier ions. At later age of star, when almost all hydrogen and helium are eaten up, the star ages old, it further collapses in its own gravitational force, and commonly, blasts off itself as supernova to release left H & He as well as heavy metals into sky.. these leftovers again merge to in millions and millions of years to create yet another star.. and the process goes.. the star has been recycled.. (now plzz don't ask me how's a black hole gets recycled!)

This aggregation and segregation of masses and energy in universe states a good philosophy.. that the bits of masses are always same, they concentrate to create something valuable ( a star here), then in long run they segregate when it loses its significance, and creates yet another valuable for a longer run..

Actually, the story for "our world of knowledge or information" does not have very much different philosophy either.. The cloud of information available in this world is more or less fixed, just like mass and energy in this universe, and depending on our interest and needs, we keep merging, modifying, bifurcating and transforming information with time, just like stars or rather, energy/mass do.

Lets take an example. If two formulas build a new formula like E=mc^2 and E=hv builds lambda = h/mc, then its merging of information. If we derive two equations from one equation like two values of x from a quadratic equation, its "bifurcation" of information. Modification of information, or in other words, addition or deletion of some part from whole information are nothing but cases of "merging" and "bifurcation" of information. Last but not the least (and quite common too), if some information is transformed into other representation like gravitation formula can be derived from statistics of planet motions or sin(x) can be represented in Euler's formula which is nothing but same information, we say its "transformation" of information. (stars also go transformation through different stages, energy conversions, also, star is a source of energy, hence mapping to source of information)..

Well that was mathematical. In philosophical terms, these are quite common in day to day life. We gather information (merging), build our own understanding (transformation), throw away redundancies (bifurcation) and achieve our goal. This is exactly the way big brains of the world have created huge amount of knowledge for us to read (just like huge amount of energies and smaller(simpler)masses have converged into bigger masses which were not there before). With time information gets more and more complicated and so are masses (with higher and higher nuclear masses). There are many such things which look wonderfully similar to the way it happens to masses/energy in universe.

If we look closely, we really can not "destroy" information to vacuum or "create" them out of the blue (vacuum). It has to come from somewhere or transform in other form. There are various ways to store them. Most common and stable version is "written". Knowledge is also in form of verbal and other ways of communication (like music, dancing, marshal arts and other many interesting practices).

Couple of things still remains. One of them is Supernova explosions. Will we ever see such explosions in Information? Those, which would destroy them completely and throw them around with little value left.. does it happen in its Lifecycle also? is it apocalypse, btw? Lol..

But, do we have stars here? If energy is information, then stars must be the Geeta, Ramayana and Upnishads, Bibles, Kuran etc which have been enlightening our lives and society since its inception. They would be alive for another thousands of years and keep guiding our lives.

Another interesting fact which puzzles is, what about co-existence of previous and present information? For example, at present, both Newton's and Einstein's gravitational formula exists! Which actually sounds like both "Energy" and "that-energy-converted-into-mass" are existing together, violating constant mass-energy theorem. But actually, its an illusion. Taking the same case, newton's formula just becomes special case of Einstein's formula. In terms of mass, we are actually looking at its "one of parts" instead of a "separate one".

Another aspect is "information delayed", which is very much similar to relativity. Many times some information has spread to an area but some are not! News are the best example. Many people have heard something, many others have not! In relativity, we always associate "time" now with mass, very similarly, we need to associate "time" with information too.

And then, it almost completes the symmetrical existence of Information and the Universe! There.. Forever!