Evolution of browers - Failure of applets => Birth of WemPuters?

Client side coding to improve web experience wasn't a unique idea in 2005. People have done it long back and have been doing it for long time, just different ways in different times. Today, it got easiest. It became successful. Now, everybody knows it. Recently, they have even started bothering enterprises!!!

But, as a matter of curiosity, why did older approaches fail? Specifically, why did applets fail?

I still pity them. I made my first applet program in my last semester. Before, I feared it and hated it. When I learned, I understood its the answer to anything on web. However, while using them I was always bugged by failures in "applet loading" or "applet initialisation" or "connection lost" or most commonly, it simply used to hang!!! But why? Java applications worked pretty well on desktops. Then, why are not upto the mark on web?

Browsers! Yes, I think it has been a strategic (or fateful) design of browsers, which finally eliminated applets from browsers. None of browsers run applets efficiently, even though they do the same thing well in javascript. Applets look like heavy applications on web browser, even though they were designed to look lighter! Applets opened a lot of opportunities like "fully running on client side without a compiler", "advertisement on web" (now taken over by flash completely).. and lot of things.. sadly that they are dead..

With the advent and fast-spread of network worldwide, no wonder network is going to be the ultimate driver and platform for all business and applications. If browser vendors would have dreamt properly, browsers have strong potential to eliminate OS from systems itself! why not run everything, right from menus, applications, songs, etc etc on browser itself! But no.. browsers are competing.. competing to go nowhere.. they are fighting for common standards.. huh!

Wake up! World is waiting for We(b Co)mputers!


  1. I also have such bad experience with applets(thats why I learnt java in 3rd yr)... now with flash actionscript(u may see some program at my website) life is much better and simplar...

  2. you think flash is the solution? a tougher one.. but its javascript which people are voicing upon..

    but yeah.. for the kind of movie u made.. flash is THE best soln for that..

  3. u may b right from programmers point of view...
    I am just an end-user (a food engineer developing a web-kit for cold-storage guys)... who cannt try many things and for me flash has been so far satisfactory.

    btw i was not talking abt movie :)... i was talking this page http://free.ipdz.com/bpatdavis/flash1.html

  4. well.. for a layman technology has nothing to do with.. essentially I would give him a tool (like sticks for handicapped) just like microsoft does.. and help him do all what he wants..