Gravity and Intelligence

Ruchin_pandey recently asked questions related to Relativity, one of my favorites J Definitely the questions were really inquisitive. It goes like -
a) Suppose a person can do a particular calculation (for example 3952 + 26901) in mind in t seconds on earth. If s/he travels with speed close to speed of light, what effect will be there on the speed of thinking and how much time will be required to do the same calculation in mind? What will be the effect on speed of learning new things?
b)Similarly, if a person is just outside / on event-horizon / inside black hole, whether s/he will be able to think? If yes, what will be the effect in the speed compared to speed of thinking on Earth? What will be the effect on speed of learning new things compared to speed of learning on earth?

My answers were short. They go as,
a) Two aspects
i. At conceptual level, at (or close to) the speed of light, a person (from his reference) can think at the same way ( or speed) he does anywhere. For people in slower (very small compared to speed of light) frames, he would look like a dumb person, who would answer 2+2 in years.
ii. At the practical level, a person will never be able to remain in a state of a “physical” being, when he is close to speed of light. The more we go close to ‘c’, the finer an object would be, rather a body/object would be close to photons kind of structures. In other words, body wouldn’t exist but only photons. Hence, the question of thinking goes off immediately.
b) Answer is same again, at event horizon the only things which may exist are photons and not masses. At the speed of light, only photons exist, which have rest masses as zero.
i. A better question might be if the same person is once on jupiter and other time on earth, will he have different thinking capabalities assuming all other conditions same. Now, it has different dimension.
1. If the person has grown up in earth, the body fluid motions are definitely adjusted to gravity (the only difference u find betn earth and jupiter, keeping other conditions same). Hence, thinking capability would be different, if u put the same person in jupiter, where the body structure might not suit the high gravity
2. If the person is grown up entirely in jupiter itself, then he would be more intelligent J Reason is, higher the speed, higher the intelligence.

Essentially, the part which interested me most was the last one. That is, how does gravity affects our intelligence? How would people be different in their behaviors if they develop on say, Jupiter, only on grounds of gravity?

Your comments invited..

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