Upload and Download

well who hasnt heard of Youtube.com? Its a fabulous site, lets you upload upto 100 MB any video, moreover you can share them publicly privately or NOT share at all :P fun n masti becuase you can watch other videos too ;-) so i wanted to upload just a simple before-video things, well i mean MP3s I wanted to upload.. so i dint make a second thought.. went to youtube.com, signed up, verfied it, went to upload page and simply clicked 'upload'.. but it said " Sorry, We cant upload due to firewall problems!!!"

I was shocked to see that! How else I'm going to upload my files :(( These site sucks, they dont even allow a 3 MB file to upload.. (well i jst didnt want to curse my comp nemore so.. :P)

I searched net, and found this Google Ad saying "eSnips ". Perhaps this was teh first time i click on a Google Ad :P I just signed in and simply wanted to see if it can upload atleast a 1KB text file or not :P well.. to my amazement IT DID!!!!! wat else i needed.. It was giving 1GB space online.. i can share it with anybody.. and I just did.. I just uploaded my song called "Enigma - Angels Weep". Thank God!

All this.. just for a COMMENT!!! LOL...

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