Native Indians and Birthdays American!

My friend in Canada recently had her birthday. I was quite excited to wish her exactly on time (by that I meant 12’O clock midnight, when, by default, all guys and girls are born :D). So, as soon as the needles reached 12’O clock, I called her and wished “A Very Happy Birthday to you! I wish you have a Great and Prosperous year ahead! ”

Ofcourse, I expected her to thank me and stuff, and she did it. However, she wasn’t much excited. She said,

“Its really sweet of you to call me now and wish me, but you know what? Actually my birthday is TOMORROW! Its still ‘day’ here and Its not a great feeling to get wished a day before your birthday. It would have been really great if you wish me tomorrow or today midnight!”

I was so shocked as well as angry to hear that! I thought she would show great joy and all…

“Hey c’mon, you were born in India, weren’t you? And if I take your real birthday, then you were born NOW and not the Canadian 12 midnight, isnt it? So, Happy Birthday again! And you better be Happy too!”

“But you know I was born at 2 am…”
“Well, even if you forget that point, you see your birthday is NOT coming in a leap year, hence the regular 6 hour shift which is avoided to be adjusted in every leap year has still not been taken into account! Hence if you want to actually calculate when you have to wish your birthday this year, you need to put those 12 hrs (6+6 after 2004) to calculate the exact time of your birthday. (well she didn’t even know that this even happens every year, btw she is an undergraduate :P)”

“What are you saying…”

“No, that’s correct! Didn’t you know that? Actually, once in four year our birthdate changes (and it has to). This is because we forget that an year consist of the last 6 hrs after 365 days, and if you take that into account, a person, for example, born at 16hrs on 15th August should celebrate his birthday ‘next day’ of his actual birthday, after two years of last leap year, , i.e. 4 hrs 16th August!, and on 10 hrs 16th August after three years of last leap year”

“Are you eating my head…”
“NoNo, not just that. Actually, 6 hrs account for the whole year u know, and you have not even passed three months! So you should propotionately divide these 6 hrs depending upon how many days and months u spent in an year, and adjust your birth time. Then only you’d get the right time and date of your birthday!”

“Shaurabh, what are you saying I’m not able to get anything! Why should I celebrate my birthday next day when its not on that day? There’s no sense to it! Nobody does it, you know that, right? Even you don’t do it, do you?”

“Yes! That’s exactly my point is. Our society is so ‘unscientific’. We should change our social systems and practices, and make it move towards reality. We are the young guns, and we should take initiative yaar, what do you say? So from now on, we shall celebrate our birthdays on proper date and time OK? So, next year I shall wish you on next day. DONE!”

“LOL, I know you are eating my head with all that junk which I don’t understand even a bit. Anyway what gift you’ve …”

And then, the topic changed, we talked some stuff and I put the phone down.

‘Seriously’, it was one of the ‘funniest’ talk I have ever had (and somewhat scientific too :P hehe)


  1. "He He He" Hilarious!! 8-) Thanks for writing about flattered... by the way, I just want to clarify one thing... I might be living in North America...but at heart am still INDIAN...pure INDIAN. am not the stereotypical NRI which u think I am!

  2. hehe.. no i didn't say you're being a north american or something.. I know (no matter what?) you still be an Indian at heart ;-)

  3. I never knew you write so well...