PreNatal Sense of Music

How many of you listen to music? Ohh I must be kidding! Most of us LOVE to listen to music, don’t we?

I’ve been into music and songs since my self-recognition as a being. However, I bumped into western music quite oflate, 5 years now. It would take a lot of words to describe the journey, but currently I’m lost into instrumentals specially from Enigma. I have heard Enigma before as well specially because I like ‘Return to Innocense’ a lot. And then, I heard ‘D-Emotion Project’. I kept listening to every song, and realised I have already listened to them many many times. Its an awesome album.

I love ‘June’ most. It reminds of my sweet memories at home; 'home' where my away period has been more than stay period. Those pleasurable sunsets, big open windows, sweet light breeze, chirping birds headed to home! And Complete Silence!

Sunless Sea’ is the feeling of the Lost Love. Not just that, It also calls the never_to_return_love perhaps with words like O Jaane Wale Ho Sake to Laut ke Aana!

..and then, ‘Angels Weep’. Another touching composition, where a mother soothes her kid. She promises she will never scold him again, and they will stay together, forever!

‘November’ will certainly move your heart with joy! The joy of slow dancing! Dance you’d love to do alone! Its beautiful composition, which pushes hope and faith into mind!

Finally, ‘LOVE ME’! Beautiful seductive music, where u say Love Me!

That was all they told me, those Speechless Compositions!

Music doesnt need words. It has its own vocab. You can write a whole novel on it, and still be called silent!

I liked Planiatta, Evolution, Paradox, Beyond Invisible and Close to Heaven as well.

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