Its not been long time since I came from pune. They termed it ‘shorter onsite transfer’. They wanted me to be happy. They asked me to bring ‘pune specials’, which I forgot. ‘They’ are my team mates.

Time was passing, and work was piling. I was not really happy with my long stay at pune regarding work (otherwise it was one of best times ofcourse!). Even though I worked as much I could, the work didn’t take the perfect shape, not even close. When I arrived bangalore, I was already loaded. Things were getting tense. Bangalore was getting hot (now hotter). Headaches were more common than breakfasts. Things were not going at the right speed. However, some things do go on a regular pace, ‘Time’. It neither went fast nor slow. Still, hopes have to be there, and I had them too. I still worked at my own pace. They say even ‘turtles’ finish races, what if world also had ‘hares’. And sometimes, they even win!

“Hey, why all those bushes on ur face? They look ugly!”
“Ohh them? Today is their Deadline too!”

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