I have been playing Billiards for almost 6 months!

Well, I never saw Billiards Table before coming here! When i started, I didn't even know how to hold the stick! My existing colleagues showed me the game. They were playing so well! They were already making big scores. I couldn't even hit the desired ball. Every evening I'd see them playing great, and I’d scarcely score a point. Finally, I took the challenge that I had to score highest! I started playing it day and night. Everytime I’d find some spare time (I mean the times I played were spared times, I’d play it. Things started getting better, I scored sometimes higher. Whenever I would feel down, I would go with some free novice and he would score nothing. I felt pride showing them how to play the game :D. And finally, the day came when I reached the highest level of it, I finished the game in just 2 and ½ minutes and scored the highest (more than 3000).

That’s why, I love Flash Games! Billiards.swf!
I love My Computer too!