Universe - within 1 sec of birth

It wasnt long before when I first asked myself this question, "wats up with nuclear force?" The visit at TIFR, Mumbai, back to dec 2003, still have bitter n sweet memories in mind. The person was a gr8 guy in physics, perhaps most senior (clear from his ageing voice n silver-white hair:P).. I was already most irritating person in group of all JBNSTS scholars as I'd never ask questions gently (y d hell i shud:P).. he was talking about particle accelerators and how pity it was for neutral particles like neutron to get accelerated :P neway we were still in context of charged heavy particles and so my suggestion was...

"whats wrong with nuclear force? cant we make accelerators using them? The field forces r so strong that they will give further accelerations to the particles.. Though they work only very close but they work very strong.. may be its technological fault but theoretically is it possible to do so?? do we have such accelerators??"
And the answer was...

It was right. Later, my juniors questioned me of how i can be so stupid to ask such question. Most of time I've been so theoretical that i really forget to question validity of some of possibilities. Anyway, I forgot the question there itself, never searched for the answer till now.
After a looong time I started reading about space again. And it was none other than our Stephen Hawking's famous short story "A Brief History of Time". I was on the chapter 8, pg 128 (which is about origin and fate of universe), where he puts a question that " why is universe so uniform? At the early stage of universe birth, things would be so fast that it would be impossible for light to transfer any information between parts. Then, how is temperature and mass and everything so uniform in every direction of universe?"

A very genuine question, but the answer lies only if we leave out certain constraints in our mind about Light due to heavy developments in the past century. That is, 1)Light is the only medium of communication and 2) Light is the fastest medium of communication. I always doubted it, and I still. But in our context,it has important consideration. Universe was very hot at the time of birth. Particles were escaping like anything. And the first force which came into action, was nuclear force. Slowly and slowly protons and neutrons got slowed enough not to ignore strong forces, and they collapsed to make hydrogens n higher (later). Why are nuclear forces carriers are supposed to move with speed of light? does it meet all needed calculations? I wonder if it does. For, why should a particle move slowly in an environment which can support higher fluctuations in space? Stronger force gives an edge to nuclear waves carries over photons on speed. So, Nuclear waves were carrying excess of asymmetry to more symmetrical state of universe, just like photons do for heat and others. In other words, they transferred the extra pressure at left part to right part (or vice-versa). As there was no scope of action from light, only action which could be taking place was due to nuclear forces. And of course, its intuitive.

As I was reading further, Prof. Hawking’s asserts that relativity cant really hold in that state of universe, as its certain assumptions like infinite density and zero volume makes hard to apply it. Assuming that uniformity was the perfect true principle to follow that time would be naive.

What I further need is, to find out what exactly would be the states of all phenomena around the world, if we don’t observe them using speed of light. Would it be different? Would we be able to solve mysteries of black holes, dark matter, and of course Origin of Universe?

Big Work Ahead.. and Its all mathematics, and I’m weak at maths :(

But.. Most of the equations are solved inside brain, and not with pen and paper.

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