3 days n 3 nights !
I finished 47 episodes, one-hour each of CHANAKYA, a hindi drama aired on DoorDarshan in early 90's. Eyes red, body tired, mind lost, thinking changed, and what a beautiful mix of Sanskrit and Hindi!

The Man Himself

It portrays what happened actually around 400BC (2400BP). History of India, though largely unknown, impresses people a lot. The way things were organised those ancient times, were really unbelievable. Chanakya, a Guru of Politics, RaajNitigya-cum-KootNitigya, was the man responsible for the way Alexander was expunged out at Indian border. The master-mind behind satta-parivartan of Nand Dynasty to Maurya Dynasty, the writer of Arthshastra, is commonly known as Kautilya or VishnuGupt, his original name. With Rashtra-Ekta as the only goal behind all his steps, he tied all the Major Janpads of India under one Head, ChandraGupta Maurya, so that no foreign power can destroy Bhartiya Sanskriti. Being a Guru, he took the lead to organise all teachers/students in India. He made the paths, they walked the paths. Still united , India will remain indebted of Chanakya !

Chandra Prakash Dwivedi, director of the serial and actor who played Chanakya, is the best man in the series. His confidence, his writing of the long saga, the dialogues, reflects upon not just then but even current issues of India. Immensely impressed by every episode, I feel being quite a fan of Chanakya.

Chanakya and his Relevance Today

But then, I wonder, is the things he left out unchanged in India. If India had so big minds that time, why was technology left behind so badly? didn't we ever felt its absence in society? Communication was still done mouth-to-mouth. There was no other way ! Why did we concentrate so much upon cultural development of India? Is this the Converging end of all the developments the world faces !?

As its not unknown to us, that India, originally, has never been harsh/brutal in its behavior. They fight, but only till it satisfies the thirst ! Being itself so big, stable and full of natural blessings, it was the best place to live in. If you at all compare Indian traditions with contemporary ones from other civilizations, you will realise the difference in GOAL of living. Sukh-Sampda was quite more stressed than Looting others. India has been ruled by big dynasties, especially in ancient times, until barbaric attackers came and destroyed its virtues. They did everything to destroy others.

Not going in deeper details, Chanakya is definitely a lesson to all think-tanks of India. Though shiksha is practiced quite in a different way now, out basic approach is still very much similar to earlier times. The goal is to help society/people/sanskriti develop, and to destroy all elements which come in its way. Myself being largely moved, I wish if I could really do some +ve changes in India.

Definitely, a must see for all Indians !


  1. where did u watch the videos? i am writing a paper on Chanakya and i really want to see those videos. I can buy them online but they cost like $170 and i dont wanna spend so much money on that. Is there any place where I can watch it online for free? Sometimes u do miss piracy :D

  2. please try and get back to me at
    I would really apprecite your help here and could u also direct me to someone who knows about his philosophy?
    Isha ..

  3. ohh.. u luk pretty desperate for chanakya videos ;-) lol..
    newy som trivial suggestions..

    a) luk in kazaa or limewire for pirate videos
    b) luk in youtube or google videos and see if u get ur luck..
    c) i live in bangalore.. u may take from me if u live there ;-)

  4. Unfortunately i am in US :(

  5. yes true.. when I started watching it.. it was primetime of exam.. and i finished all episodes 3 days!!

    Anyway, I think you may help Isha (one of commenters) to get those CDs.. where did u buy it from? 2300 is definitely worth such a collection.. isha, u listening?

  6. I don't think Chanakya is responsible for Alexander's exit from India. He however defeated porus who had elephant with which alexander had never fought with. Keep in mind that he travelled from mecidonia to punjab. He was heavily wounded and crossing ganges was another hurdle. His forces refuge to go further. Thats why he went back to macedonia

  7. that's an understatement.. shubh..

    I definitely agree there were lot of factors for the exit of alexander.. and he knew crossing himalayas and ganges would be last but toughest.. but if u read literature.. there were lot of reasons why his army refused to support him.. one of them being his poor knowledge of the-then India and its structure, though it was widely believed in west that India is prosperous and stable.. even though they defeated porus and won the war.. porus was just a small warrior at the extreme west of India.. magadh was properous those times n it would hav been nearly impossible to defeat Indians in their homeground (as they always say, be it a war or cricket :D lol)..

    Again, chanakya might not be greatest factor for alexander's exit.. but surely he was preparing for the war, as they said, he had 50 years of future in his mind!