GooGle : the Magic : the Fun : the Trick (with Anurag Acharya : founder)

And today the mystery was unfolded of GOOGLE. Not far after I started using net, I got addicted to Google. The addiction is important to note. I always wondered the way Google works, and always thought it to be sort of "Magic". An "Academic Magic" which extensively uses search algorithms, and bigger complex optimisations, which only BIG PPL understands.

The "Magic" has turned out to be rather "Fun". Google is Funny and it does its Magic with Tricks and Only Tricks.

The big lecture Dr. Anurag Acharya(IIT Kharagpur'87 passout) gave today, was inspiring. He explained the methodology used in google. Thats too long, and I must write it down sometime else. Quite of things he still kept undisclosed (cause of copyrights), however, the overview he gave was good enough to open another GooGle.

However, I found a flaw in the search, which I did point out there. The flaw is Google does not really avoid efficiently pages generated by "Other Search Engines". For example, try Gary Jules Madworld mp3 and look for result belonging to, the confusion shall be clear. Out of 25,000 pages, the void search page is ranked 3rd !

Dont think its an isolate pity example ! I have come across such instances many times, when I click on a result and what turns out to be a search page of some other search engine with no results either. I am sure even you have come across similar situation.

I am sure Google does use some heuristics to avoid these pages( and if it does not, then it must do it soon). There could be two reasons for such results. 1)Either these sites keep generating false search pages for the sake of being displayed in other search engines, even though they dont really have the product/relevant material to the search. 2) Its Fault of Google. Google never checked for such flaws.

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