My Special Skill !

My Little Fingers

Well.. this is quite personal about me. My own special things, which makes me different, and special. I must say I am quite fast with my fingers. Things like playing harmonium, flute, piano, guitar, or Typing. Fingers move everywhere, in every direction, in different configurations and motions, like a flowing wave or soothing music, and one need to master that.

Let me admit, I don't have god-gifted fingers. They are short, shorter in length than my palm size. My sir would always say that those who have fingers longer than palm have artistic hands. They are not strong either. Sometimes I find even keypad or harmonium keys too hard to press (talk about fatigue!).

Mastering Harmonium

It was seveth class, when I learnt harmonium. My sir, Udit Heera was wonderful but he always avoided to teach me that. He taught to all other friends but me. I was one of best singers in class, hence he might have wanted to keep me away from instruments. But finally I gave up my patience, and started learning myself. Harsh, another singer and my classmate, helped me. Quickly I was good at playing it, although many people were still fighting to master it! It was not that I played harmonium very artistically ( I was yet to learn it formally as an instrument), but I could move my finger tips around keys to follow the music closely, and that was very satisfying. 

I left playing harmonium by 9th (to focus on studies) and barely touched later. It was not until few months ago (thats about 8 years later) I touched it again. My dad had bought a beautiful harmonium, to assist in bhajans and kirtans. Surprisingly, I hadn't forgotton it and it went as smooth as before. Whether I played while singing bhajans or assisted others, it was easy to play with. 


Flute was another musical instrument I had tried my hand at during my school days. It was not difficult to learn either. I already knew whistling and hence learning to blow was cakewalk. Flipping through holes to play music was not very difficult either. With some practice, I was good to go and able to play several songs (though simpler ones) on it. 

Learning to Type

When I was introduced to computers in 2001 (at my college IIT Kharagpur), it was fascinating to see seniors and batchmates familiar with computers run their fingers on keypad as if finger tips knew exactly where keys from A to Z were. The smoothness and flow made it look like playing an instrument, albeit with alphabets and words and sentences instead of music. 

"I've to master it", I thought. I downloaded few softwares which taught how to type professionally. They went about placing fingers, which key belonged to which finger, how to increase typing speed etc. With few practice sessions, my speed picked up and so did accuracy. I stopped looking at keypad anymore and was able to type freely and in flow without inhibitions. 

Sometimes I just run my fingers in air like playing guitar or harmonium and feel good about it. It's funny (borderly psychotic) but feels artistic. One of my wishes, to learn Dholak, also requires heavy use of fingers. I hope to learn it quickly and well, whenver I do. Meanwhile, thak-thak on desk will continue to disturb others :-D

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