the Magic of Orkut

hmm.. have u heard of orkut?

the online portal for social meetings, or rather friends searching !
Opened by Google the greats, as usual, it has wonderful simplicity but high technological complexity. Within months of its launch, it has crossed 2 million users ! (and these are not fake like yahoo ids/profiles.. they are working ACTUALLY registered ones !) One of the most handy tool to find people around is now in the market.. I am here to describe its magic !

It wasnt very long after I got an invitation for orkut. I already had a century of friends. Most of them were seniors and batchmates. Many of them said Hi after adding me. I said Hullo to most of them too. It was , like , the whole past refreshed before eyes, and settled as normal , as it was before.

I got a personal message, from a guy in IITB, Vinay Sharma is his name.

Hi Shaurabh,
do u know PD Singh? I have seen a guy named "RD Singh" who sounds to be brother of him. Can you confirm this to me ?? Piyush is my close friend and I have been searching for him since I lost contact with him. Actually he left before 7th class, and since then we havent talked at all !
please do the kind

well.. shocked.. really shocked was I to see a message. It was no banda-bandi/bandi-banda message, no *-IIT message, no community-join message, no forward message, but was a personal request !
RD Singh(alias RD) is my friend. Not very much interested in orkut, he hasnt even put his pic in his profile. Besides that "he is a male" and he resides in "IITKgp", there was no info either.
Even if one browse my 100+ friend-list(for no reason), he will find RD in the last, for he didnt have pic. Moreover, his name doesnt come out in any search in orkut(even I tried it most, using all combi, but no result). Since he directly contacted me (rather than RD), it seems he found him through my friend-list only. What a Tedious Task !!!

Feeling a filmy messenger of a guy(as if searchin for his child-love), I was excited if this true. As usual, we met in Gym and after some exercise I asked about his siblings. I asked if his brother name is Piyush ! he was shocked! he wondered what wrong his brother this time(as he thought he was very naughty!). I told him the whole story. Everything sorted out. Vinay was true.

Finally RD contacted him, and gave info of whereabouts of Piyush. Finally they contacted each other, I am very sure they met in the hols this DP.

If orkut can make rendezvous of such kind, its really a magic. It can do anything, really, anything !

3 cheers to it !

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