The God - Does it Exist? What is it - a Random Function? How can we Learn it?

Does God Exist?

An attempt to understand the ultimate Driver (as they say), the God. When I went to meet my Aunt at Kolkata after very long time of 14yrs, she was happy with me. I made a request to go for famous Kali Mandir.

"we can go. but.. ohh!! do u believe in God??" " After being at IIT for 3 yrs, it doesn't sound good that a scientific person like you should believe in such unscientific, unfounded things."
"Well.. i don't know. but my parents do lots of puja-path.. u know it. So I have this tiny bit interest in that.. that's it!"
"ahan.. u r escaping my question. tell me do u believe in God?"
"hmm.. well I think its nothing but faith. If one believes in it, its there. If one doesn't, its not. It cant be proven, that's for sure. Actually, I don't care whether it exists physically or not. However, I feel always an ecstasy after praising someone superpower, the God. I always feel happy after doing puja. Its a sort of psychological advantage for me."
"true.. very true. Even i think so. Definitely, there cant be a God according to science.

have you heard of Mother Teresa? They say she cured some people just by touching them.But i don't believe anything. It might give some psychological satisfaction to patient, but unless supported by medicines+care, its impossible to do so. Its very pathetic when people make such comments."
"yeah.. forget Teressa and take up Jesus. He did many amazing things that only a SUPERPOWER can do. We don't have any proofs of whatsoever he did. If one believes in it, he cant defy "Existence of God", or else all those stuffs are bogus, definitely not possible by any means(as per science)"

This debate will never end. God exists, God doesn't exist. If we discuss on above line of argument, we will never achieve a solution. Science proves that there cant be a SUPERNATURAL. However, when one fails to explain certain amazing things/events, one starts believing God. After all, who can do it otherwise? cause science offers no explanation to it !

God - A Random Function?

Our perception of God is very true:Who does everything around us! Jiske bina patta bhi nahin hilta ! Each phenomenon is fixed, it happens by its own rules(god knows who made them... hah again GOD!!!???). We try to understand it; whether actually do it or not, it has to happen in its own way, a different way. And if one puts some brain to understand it, the way things happen is the way its environments force it to do. The factors, which are present around. Can one find these factors?  All of them? Impossible ! Simply Impossible ! they are infinite, they are unpredictable, they are themselves changing every moment(on any scale). In other words, its RANDOM.

"God is, the other name of, the Random Function."

God is nothing but the Function that drives world. One can't predict it, but its there. Its the randomization and unknowingness of the future which takes the place of God (that's the way its defined: if we don't know, god knows it !) . The Whole World, or rather Universe goes with complete insecurity, under the hands of Human, cause they don't know it at all, they don't have even a hint of it(how can they run it?).

Universe and the Human Body

Two potentially fastest growing fields and perhaps the most exciting: to decipher The Human Body AND to decipher the structure of Universe(i.e. the origin and development) have puzzled the most intelligent beings on earth.After all, How could one even think of such a complicated system, which has developed on its own, over millions of years, along the paths which lead to complications may be unknown to us, whether it be human body or universe.Forget about universe, which is almost 100% out of reach to us, and lets talk about Humans, which we are.

Every corner of human body is exposed to us. A sustainable growth of almost 70-80 yrs under average conditions, is maintained by a body after been trained inside its mother. They say, everything is encoded in just 46 strings, like every complication of Social life is written down in Mahabharata and Ramayana. The people, who are interested in both the fields equally, can see how much the two fields are correlated in its outcomes and publications. Almost everyday, one may find a publication on a very small subset of the concerned, which may (rather should) be contradicting other theories, with a attached statement "This will open complete new field or era of research" OR " This is going to be the hottest thing within coming years". Still, we are so far from understanding the human body.

Anyways, nothing is promising at this stage at least, and Universe will still remain undeciphered for remaining many centuries , and so will Human Body. If one says we are moving on right tracks, I will ask which track!! As I mentioned earlier in the first line, the world is random, and that is God. Random functions, this complicated, can not be understood by statistics completely. Even if we take partials one by one, the huge number of variables will make it useless.

Learning the God

So, instead of learning the actually function, one could rather concentrate on the behavior of the function. Its not learning "what" the function is but learning its outputs at different times. Only this way the most complicated things of this world, like the Human Body and the Universe, can be understood. (more on this on Theory of Science)

Nevertheless, the function definitely exists, and so does The God !


  1. Whatever is unknown is God. WE didnt knew why it rains? WE said it is due to God. We didnt knew why there is wind...Wind became an action of God too...So is fire and etc...Today we dont know what was our Origin (Darwinism is still not conclusive) and so God survives still(and will as long as unknown knowledge exists)...

    Secondly the main impact of whether God exists or not is religion/ customs which we follow (at least expected to). Like u cannt eat beef/pork or drink alcohol or cant marry out of caste/religion etc. In name of God all this stupidity keeps going and is clearly unscientific (and hence Knowledge discoverd by Science is a subset of TOTAL knowledge of GOD, who is omniscient by defination.)

  2. dude US jake to tu bahut fundu ho gaya hai ;-).. but what u are saying is quite right and essentially matches with my thoughts..

    God has always been termed as a power who does "something" we "cant do" or we "dont know who does it". Be it earthquakes or floods or droughts in earlier times, things might have changed a lot for today (as they can be explained today and no more attributes to god), but still there are many phenomena which we cant explain like u said, evolution of human being or universe and many more or even in our day-to-day life when something strange (or "random") happens and we believe only GOD could have done this..

    If you look deeply at my writeup, i've presented more "mathematical" than "philosophical" view of GOD. I actually meant how can envisage GOD in mathematics, even though such maths would not be existing, but atleast can be modelled.

    Surely man, Concept of God, in todays world, where people are not even ready to accept "things as things" as long as it does not bother them OR serve them a purpose, exist because of strong presence of religion.. and I'm sure it would be there for loooooooooong time :)

  3. If I think in terms of science,even I would never accept the presence of God.And I usually dont participate in justifying God's presence.This is an endless topic. It requires ones own perception. Nobody can actually make others believe. We can only share our perception. One of you are right in saying that whatever unknown to is God. When I deeply think over it, I feel God to be the biggest programmer. And every event taking place in this world are as a result of his modular programming, all going on side by side. The moment we understand one module, we say we have discovered something.If we were not given the sense of sight, could we ever imagine what the world would look like, or in other words can you explain a blind man what you mean by colors? The day he gets an eyesight ,he will discover a new world around him.
    I feel His prescence when I think in terms of fate, friends, life, death.. Meeting good friends in life is a matter of fate. U join a college and its a matter of chance if u meet good ppl around u.U see a girl, wanna be friends ; even u are a star of the college doesn matter, she is not ready to be friends wid u. People with lot of fame and money , who has the stamina to get anything in the world cannot guarantee peace and happiness in his personal life;
    whereas a simple guy can lead a very happy family life.
    What about an accident? Its a matter of few seconds or say a microsecond that u are in or out of it. Do you have control over it?
    I personally am never involved in relegious rituals, but I like to see my mom and family members doing Pooja Path. And about relegion? I rily don believe in it.It is made by man, not by God. Love and frienship is made by God (And thats y we dont have control over it). Marriage and rituals is made by man.And we being social follow it to exist in a society. And talking about marrying in the same caste, again has the same reason, basic reason lying behind being Compatibility to stay together for always.
    Feeling like writing lot..
    But happy that I wrote this much... :)

  4. Good points.
    However, "religion" and "belief in god", though sounds two different things, are nothing but same. After all, religion was invented for keeping the faith in God alive and healthy. Most religious practices promise to take evil out of body and make it pure. All this make me wonder, why are we running away from Religion? is this due to poor western understanding of value of religion in society? or is it just a style to bash ppl who are deeply religious, just becuz the practices are age old? If the objectives of religion are to achieve peace and social interactions, so be it, even though we use other ways. But, if u look at the new ways of doing the same, do they even stand against those age old ones? those pubs? Amway? discs? are they the social interactions we have today for? c'mon folks, we dont have an alternative, unless its as clean as them.

  5. I said, I had lot more to add to it.. "Religion" and "belief in God" are the same till the moment it is followed for healthy reasons.The moment you make it a reason to hurt anybody's sentiments,it can no longer be called a relegion.
    And Yes,I accept its a way to keep our mind and soul healthy and away from evils.
    Bye for now. :)

  6. Rightly said. Religion is, according to me, the ultimate philosophy which we seek in our life, probably more of social and individual concerns than today's hot "economical" concerns. However, if some of them are used illogically (depends on individual or community's perception), then it should no more be called religion but community's or individualistic ego to power upon others who might not be agreeing to their points. Often, religion can be very methodical (strict)and at the same time, very flexible to suit today's constraints. Its pity to paint it under "fundamentalism" umbrella.

    Btw, do u have a blog? :-)

  7. God bless you all ... believer or no believer !

    1. I am a firm believer :-) with time I have found my faith only increasing. yet i am fascinated by matetialistic view or shd i say "measurable view" of God. I wish I could figure out where the matter fails and the powerful world of spirituality takes over. its an ongoing search..